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How to control your online accounts by cracking voicemail systems

How to control your online accounts by cracking voicemail systems

09, Desember 2018

Voicemail systems have been with us since the 80s. They played a big role in the earlier hacking scene and re-reading those zines, articles and tutorials paints an interesting picture. Not much has changed. Not in the technology nor in some of the attack vectors. Can we leverage the last 30 years innovations to compromise voicemail systems? And what is the real impact today of pwning these?

In this talk we will cover voicemail systems, it's security and how we can use oldschool techniques and new ones on top of current technology to compromise them. I will discuss the impact of gaining unauthorized access to voicemail systems and introduce a new tool that automates the process.


You will be amazed how new technology are still vulnerable to the old  school attach vectors.


This session will be held bu Martin Vigo. Martin is a Lead Product Security Engineer and Researcher responsible for Mobile security, Identity and Authentication. He helps design secure systems and applications, conducts security reviews, penetration testing and generally helps keep "the cloud" secure. Martin is also involved in educating developers on security essentials and best practices. 


Martin has presented several topics including breaking password managers, exploiting Apple's Facetime to create a spy program and mobile app development best practices. These were given at conferences such as Blackhat EU, Ekoparty, Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit and Shakacon. Outside the office, Martin enjoys research, bug bounties, gin tonics and scuba diving.


Hvis du vil lære hvordan “old school” sårbarheter fortsatt kan ta ut selv i de «sikrere» onlinetjenestene og ta over dine kontoer i skyen, du må få med deg dette foredraget!