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Software Defined Networking and the future of Network Security

Software Defined Networking and the future of Network Security

Lørdag 16, Desember

Software Defined Networking is no longer a fledgling technology. Google, Amazon, Facebook, and many global telecom companies all rely on the scalability, programmability, flexibility, availability, and yes, security provided by SDN (Software Defined Networking). So why haven’t we heard more about it, and why isn’t the security community deeply engaged in it?

This talk will provide a brief introduction to SDN and security, demonstrate ways of compromising and securing a Software Defined Network and will illustrate new ways of using the power of open source SDN coupled with machine learning to maintain self-defending networks.


Presentation will be held by Jon Medina. Jon, CISSP, CCNP, GCED is a security nerd who has worked in networking and security capacities for everything from the U.S. Department of Defense, to the Fortune 500, to state and local government.


He currently works for Protiviti as a consulting security architect, providing security advice and assessments, tools implementation, red and blue team exercises, and a many other services to clients in a wide variety of industries. His interests outside of security include traveling, hockey, beer, and his bulldog. He’s spoken at Def Con, Shmoocon, BSides, and many other security events and conferences.


If you want to secure your system – you should not miss the session!


Meld deg på: https://hackcon.org/aktiviteter/hackcon13.