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Real stories from the cyber battlefront!

Real stories from the cyber battlefront!

Torsdag 05, Januar

Nowadays threat actors use more and more sophisticated techniques to breach into organizations and steal money, data or spread damage. In addition, network defenders and security specialists who guard their castles set the bar much higher by employing better detection capabilities and responding to intrusions much faster.

In this session, reenz0h will go through and share few case studies from cyber battlefront and red team assessments engagement when security posture was quite demanding and required novel ways to make a breach. The session will also cover purple teaming – a possible way to cooperates with various blue teams in companies to improve detection and response process.
Reenz0h is a IT Security expert, currently employed as a Senior Red Teamer for global corporation. He is interested in IT security for many years, focusing on network attacks, UNIX-like and zOS operating systems and communication protocols security. He knows both sides of the cyber battlefront: defending as well as offensive techniques. His research is always practice-centric. He for example improved HSRP MitM attack and backdooring Linux with POSIX file capabilities. 


More information at: https://www.hackcon.org/aktiviteter/hackcon12.