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BloodHound Power Usage

BloodHound Power Usage

19, November 2017

BloodHound is now a common tool in several penetration testers’ and red teamers’ arsenals, giving testers deep and clear insights into AD and quickly identifying attack paths that would otherwise take days or weeks to find. The BloodHound interface is easy to use and includes several very useful pre-built analytic queries. 

In this talk, we will show you how to push BloodHound to its limits, going far beyond the built-in queries with purpose-built cypher queries, advanced data collection tactics, and plenty of tips and tricks to help you get even more out of BloodHound than you may have thought possible.


BloodHound is developed by Andy Robbins (@_wald0), Rohan Vazarkar (@CptJesus), and Will Schroeder (@harmj0y).  The presentation will be held by Andy Robbins and Rohan Vazarkar.


Andy Robbins (@_wald0) is an active red teamer and co-author of BloodHound, a tool designed to reveal the hidden and unintended permission relationships in Active Directory domains. He has performed numerous red team operations and penetration tests against banks, credit unions, health-care providers, defense companies, and other Fortune 500 companies across the world. He has presented at DEF CON, BSides Las Vegas, DerbyCon, ekoparty, and actively researches Active Directory security. He is also a veteran Black Hat trainer.


Rohan Vazarkar (@CptJesus) is an operator and developer for SpecterOps with extensive experience performing penetration tests and red team engagements. He has spoken at numerous security conferences including DEF CON, Black Hat, SANS Hackfest, and more. He also conducts research and releases tactics for leveraging security weaknesses in Windows based platforms. Rohan is the co-author of the BloodHound analysis platform and has contributed to other open source projects such as Empire and EyeWitness.


You should not miss this session if you want to explore vulnerabilities and secure your systems.


Meld deg på: https://hackcon.org/aktiviteter/hackcon13.